D – Could THIS be Why ???


Over the last 3-4 days Eden has had some crazy roller coaster blood sugar numbers..

Some are explainable – or at least we THINK they are… like not bolusing for a meal.. (yup she forgot!)

Others, well I desperately WANT to be able to explain them away but honestly it would be a total and utter guess..



  • Last night she tested before bed and she was 73 – definitely on the LOW end and NOT OK for sleeping..
  • She had 3 gummie fruit pieces (equal to approx 8 carbs) and I had her lower the basal rate on her insulin pump (steady trickle of insulin) to 50% of the regular amount for 1 hour.
  • She tested again 15 minutes later which is normal in treatment for a LOW – she was still only 78.. She had 2 more fruit pieces and went to bed..
  • 35 more minutes and I checked her again – PERFECT 153 .. YAY…

At that moment it feels like we did it all RIGHT… feeling good! We did NOT over treat her LOW – meaning, we did not go crazy with food/sugar to get her blood sugar up – we did a combination of things that resulted in a PERFECT result… YAY – well for now….

  • 12am check and she was 315 – WHAT THE HECK ?!?!?!
  • 2am check – 245 – coming down at least.. I did not give her any additional insulin because she had a very active weekend and if her blood sugar numbers are going to crash – she usually crashes at this time of night..
  • 7.30am – wake up – 236 … hmm… well at least we know her basal settings are good – AND she didn’t crash but she DOES have a stuffy nose…


Oh YAY – is THAT WHY your numbers have been all over the place???


Is Eden’s seemingly simple stuffy nose the culprit ???? Higher blood sugar numbers are common leading up to an illness as her body tries to fight it off… They are also quite common in the middle of the night due to growth hormones kicking in.. Do we KNOW which one is at play this time ? Nope – sure wish we did though!

sick myth


Her average blood sugar readings for the past 7 days is 247….  247… not good – not good at all… Especially since her numbers were near perfect for the first 3-4 days of the week.. unfortunately the BAD – 300-400’s that don’t want to budge for hours certainly won out this past week..

Always guessing – Type 1 Diabetes, you drive me completely CRAZY!

Hopefully this head cold will pass quickly – at least it is BEFORE we leave for Hawaii … but it will make it even more challenging to square away the changes of going from insulin pump to shots.. ugh


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