Type 1 Diabetes … Hit me square in the face today …

T1D sucks for MANY reasons…

  • It is unpredictable
  • It is unreasonable
  • It is forever changing
  • It is relentless
  • It is stressful
  • It hurts my baby
  • It makes her feel crappy
  • It is INCURABLE and at this point in time will last FOREVER


The list could go on and on …


It is also VERY expensive to maintain – manage – control – live with … no matter how you want to phrase it. every.single.day.


It is a financial burden – even WITH health insurance – and one that we have NO CHOICE but to withstand.

I know I have touched on the expense thing before – but I just ordered more supplies, need prescriptions filled and it made me MAD all over again..

    • (1) month supply of pump supplies = $ 150
    • (1) month supply of test strips = $ 50
    • (1) month supply of Humalog – short acting insulin = $ 50
    • (1) month supply of Lantus – long acting insulin – we now need for injections = $ 50
    • (2) month supply of Ketone – blood test strips = $ 50
    • (1) month supply of Levothyroxine tablets = $ 4.50 .. (WOW a CHEAP ONE!)



Now this does NOT INCLUDE syringes or lancets (which we currently have a stockpile of) or incidentals that we use DAILY along with the prescriptions that keep her ALIVE

  • batteries for her pump,and various meters
  • tapes and adhesive dressings to assist with keeping pump site attached
  • adhesive remover to get the adhesive off
  • alcohol wipes for cleaning skin and insulin bottle prior to site change, injection or use of insulin
  • hand sanitizer and wipes for cleaning hands if no water available prior to testing blood sugar
  • special cooling case to keep her insulin cold
  • glucose tablets – juice – other forms of sugar – LIFE SAVING MEDICINE for a Type 1 Diabetic
  • Glucagon – ABSOLUTE life saving medicine in an emergency – prescription only but thankfully we have never had to use it = $ 50 a pop every time it expires though
  • Oh and then there are the blood tests and a Dr. visit.. which we have coming up over the next few weeks too.


I hate spending $$ at the best of times – but having to spend $$ on this STUPID disease makes my blood boil sometimes… These are our out of pocket costs WITH INSURANCE- it has been restructured this year meaning that we are less likely to meet our deductible unless we have a hospital stay because prescription medicine is separate.


hmmm… no wonder I am mad – every single month – for the REST OF HER LIFE – We or eventually EDEN will need to pay these types of costs JUST TO LIVE with this disease…

Just another frustration that hit me square in the face today..

It goes without saying – I would go without food, clothes, live in a tent – whatever it took to keep Eden alive with what she needs.. BUT – it doesn’t mean it can’t make me MAD and frustrated at the same time..




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