Another one of those – Do I or Don’t I moments…


A while back I posted – To Tell or Not to Tell

I have the same dilemma again and am not sure what to do?

You probably all know by now – Eden has been playing on a boys basketball team – and doing awesome by the way..


She is going to also start playing for a girls team – and her first tournament is this weekend with 3 games in one day. The girls coach currently does NOT KNOW that Eden has Type 1 Diabetes…

I will be at practice tonight and also at all 3 of the games – but it is such a DO-I or DON’T – I thing…

I want Eden to be able to completely prove herself to this coach and the team without being labelled or possibly treated differently. We do NOT ever let her Type 1 Diabetes be an excuse and we expect her to make smart food choices, etc leading up to her games to help keep her blood sugars consistent and in safe range.. Easier said than done a LOT of the time …

Fact is – when she is HIGH – she looks dazed on the court, sometimes makes silly mistakes and can have trouble concentrating when instructions are being given.. Thankfully it doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does – to us it is obvious as to WHY.

WE KNOW THIS – but the new coach might think that she is not paying attention and/or listening. She will also obviously be testing her blood sugar on the bench in front of the coach and other team mates – should I give them a heads up???

In her tournament this past weekend – her blood sugars were SKY HIGH for one of her games – she forgot to dose for her meal – BAD – and she/we didn’t realize until she tested right before the game.. She gave herself insulin, but as she was still rising it didn’t have much affect initially.. We could REALLY notice that her game was being affected – In fact D-dad was VERY close to telling the coach to pull her from the game because she was making poor decisions. At the next break we gave her more insulin and she started to play MUCH better and was back to playing like herself .. They ended up winning the entire tournament – undefeated… YAY 🙂



My point – to an outsider or to a NEW COACH – they might just think that is the way she plays the game? I have no idea what her blood sugar level will be before practice in a couple of hours OR before her games on Saturday…

I don’t WANT her to be given any special treatment… But she will eventually need the coach to learn her behavior on the court so he can be aware when something might be off… this doesn’t even consider the fact that if she is LOW – he could have other issues all together..

hmm… what will I do, what will I do….???

I guess I will just play it by ear and see how practice goes tonight…


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