The day is here – the day I have been dreading for a month or so – the day Eden switches from using her insulin pump to insulin via injection (shot)

At 8am she will take off her insulin pump and I will give her the 1st shot of Lantus (long acting insulin) – to be repeated again at 8pm – with multiple injections in between of Humalog (short acting insulin) to cover the carbohydrates she will be eating and/or correct a high blood sugar. She will get a minimum of 6-8 injections per day (for food and long acting only) until she re-unites with her pump after our vacation to Hawaii. (unless of course she decides to stay disconnected for a while?!)

Eden truly deserves a break from being attached to a medical device pretty much 24hrs a day 7 days a week for almost 3 years. I can’t imagine the freedom she is going to feel – although I’m sure it will feel strange for the first few days..

We chose a day that Eden had off of school – but of course it is a day that will be relatively busy and we will be away from home for the most of it. I just have to make sure I am extra prepared with the things I don’t usually leave the house with..

Reminder – DON’T FORGET THE INSULIN HEATHER !!!! Yeah – that could be a problem 🙂

Eden is due for her routine blood work today –

Multiple vials of blood – a urine sample, which she absolutely HATES doing and she also needs to be fasting. Thankfully she is a total trooper with the blood draws and doesn’t bat an eyelid.. Sadly she is so used to them now that it doesn’t bother her at all – NOT that she looks forward to it but you know what I mean.. I haven’t told her about the urine sample – I’m playing dumb on that one or it might be tough to get her in the door.

Last time she needed to do fasting blood work it was incredibly stressful. A Type 1 Diabetic NEEDS to eat if their blood sugar is low. Last time Eden’s blood sugar dropped dramatically without food from the time she got up until an hour or so later whilst we were sitting in the crowded lab. I was THAT mother, THAT patient who insisted that we be next in line so that she didn’t pass out… Not a very good feeling.. I’m sure much worse for EDEN than myself. The feeling she gets from a LOW blood sugar is not pleasant to say the very least.. I sat with juice in hand whilst her blood was being drawn ready for her to drink as soon as the blood started flowing. Hoping nothing like that happens this time.

The other things we need to do are more enjoyable – Hair appointments for all 3 of us girls – beautifying ourselves for Hawaii – a nice lunch out – shopping and errands to get ready for our trip..

I will keep you all updated via the Eden’s Effort Facebook page. If you are interested – you can “like” us here.

Wish us luck!


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