Yup – As expected…


The change from pump to injections has pretty much gone as expected so far…

It’s a pain in the butt and unpredictable so far..

Eden ran high – in the mid – high 200’s ALL DAY yesterday. Honestly hard to know whether it was the change from pump, her having a head cold or the change in schedule and not the best meals yesterday (we had a few treats on our girlie day)

Last night it was D-dads turn to do the night time testing.. poor D-dad didn’t get much sleep last night.. 😦

Eden was initially in the 400’s and then 300’s consistently throughout the night – even with D-dad giving FIVE injections of insulin between 10pm and 7.30am to try and bring her down…. NICE

wake up number still in the 200’s … even with all the extra insulin.

WTH ?!?!

We always wait 2-3 days when we make changes to Eden’s insulin regime because it sometimes takes that long for the changes to take affect. why? I have no idea… you would think it would be instant but it isn’t. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to make the pump switch at least a week before we left on vacation.


Today is another day – we will see how her blood sugar numbers vary from yesterday and make choices from there.. Important to try to stick to some semblance of a schedule – which is always easier said than done.

Eden had basketball today which makes it even HARDER to know what changes needs to be made.. Usually when on the pump Eden does NOT get her basal insulin while playing basketball as she is disconnected from her pump. Today – her basal insulin had already been injected and is in her system.. She was on the low end before hand – had some sugar a couple of times throughout but so far so good..

We will have a greater likelihood of Eden having a LOW blood sugar reaction from exercising though because we cannot make any changes to the basal insulin already in her system. Something we typically do after basketball.. We have slightly adjusted her lunchtime insulin dose to try to counteract a possible low …

We are having a total – fly by the seat of our pants – kind of day..


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