Confidence Boost…

Not exactly sure why Eden has decided to take the Type 1 Diabetes bull by the horns and pro-actively manage herself?

Confidence that she can do it?
The fact that the decision was hers?
Excitement of not being attached to a medical device?
Change in routine and break in the monotony?
The fact she got in trouble last week and knows she needs to be on her best behavior and prove herself before she regains privileges?

I honestly don’t know..

But I’m TAKING it.. !



She seems thrilled that she is able to do it herself – even said that drawing out the insulin was “fun” this morning?! Yeah – maybe because we are only starting on day 4 ..

In a couple of hours I will be headed to her school so that I can observe her drawing out her insulin and injecting herself for her lunch time dose. Technically, with her school medical plan she is unable to self-manage without supervision. She doesn’t really need me to do it for her – she proved that yesterday multiple times.

As Eden grows in confidence so do I – I KNOW she can do this on her own.

The big difference is that she needs to WANT to and she hasn’t consistently proven that yet.


Right now she wants to and I am SO incredibly happy and proud.

Maybe just maybe I can see the light at the end of the tunnel – it is our job as parents to give her the confidence and knowledge to be able to manage this disease for the remainder of her life. There are SO many things to consider and think about – but I have been given a big confidence boost that slowly but surely she is getting there.

Today I smile and celebrate the win … there are so many ups and downs living with Type 1 Diabetes –


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