Good News VS Bad News 



I RARELY watch the news on TV


Because it is mostly BAD news and it’s depressing..


Unfortunately I get it.. Supply and demand – that’s what people apparently want to know about.

My Blog has sadly proven that too – I have had a handful of posts that are more in-your-face than others.. Not posted for dramatic effect or to get paid for likes or shares – but about the TRUTH living with an incurable disease. Those posts prove the numbers – 300-400-500-600 views for the more confronting reality versus 20-100 views for the majority of others.

well known

When I started I honestly didn’t really care about how many followers or readers I got – I was doing it as a much needed outlet. That has evolved into a burning NEED for me to share our Type 1 Diabetes story and life in the hopes to spread awareness about a disease that infiltrates EVERY aspect of our lives


BAD NEWS SELLS – people watch – people “like” and “share” pictures with sad images of sick children with hopes and dreams they may not reach..


People don’t seem to be captivated unless there is something grim to report or a sad headline or picture to click and share.


It makes me sad – sad that we live in a world that feeds and thrives on the news about the unfortunate and people who are suffering – through illness, natural disaster or the like.


The truth is everyone suffers to a certain extent – everyone has a story to tell – some of us just don’t raise their voices to be heard or at times would rather be heard sharing the good news and triumphs versus the bad and ugly.





Not necessarily for the bad, scary truth because it KILLS people and it sucks to live with.

But because it deserves to be there at the forefront of peoples thoughts just as much as cancer, heart disease, obesity, MS and other diseases.


EVERYONE knows how tragic and life changing cancer is – EVERYONE wants a cure for cancer and has been touched by it at some point throughout their life. People therefore are willing to raise and donate $$ to try to find a cure.


People in general don’t KNOW or UNDERSTAND Type 1 Diabetes and that it also has NO CURE and is LIFELONG.


Do I really need to jump on the bad news bandwagon if it means there is any chance of people helping me spread the word.. ?


Such a shame – I would love to be able to bask in the good news moments just as much as the bad. Because the truth is – Eden CAN live a full healthy life in spite of Type 1 Diabetes and that’s exactly what we plan on doing..



3 thoughts on “ Good News VS Bad News 

  1. I may be in the minority, but I love your upbeat posts. I find they offer hope to the rest of us. I Try to post the most positive stuff I can on FB on a number of subjects. I have always believed we are profoundly influenced by what we see and hear and read about.
    I hope you continue to show the good as well as the bad about your life with Eden. I think you are doing a fantastic job!

  2. I agree 100%. One of my google news updates is for Diabetes. I can’t tell you how many times the headlines I receive are about Type 2 and diet or obesity or complications of Type 2. However, today I was pleasantly surprised to read a wonderful story of an 11 year old sister of a T1D that has raised over 110k in the last 5 years in her sisters name. She is truly an inspiration to us all. She is proof there is good in this world and more importantly HOPE for a cure.

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