D is for …. DKA

Diabetic Ketoacidosis or DKA …

I know I have written about this before (see here and here ) – but I found this graphic which explains it very well


high blood sugar – lack of insulin and ketones =

NO JOKE and HIGH ALERT for a Type 1 Diabetic




DKA graphic


D is for...


8 thoughts on “D is for …. DKA

  1. And for type two, I know it as I have felt the pain, I am not big and fat either!! I have been reading your blog and I have been getting more annoyed at your posts getting at those of us with type II. I think you should learn a little about type II before judging.
    So take a read and then I expect a big whole page apology. Type 1 & Type II is diabetes but treated differently meds wise, I know type II who are on insulin pumps, inject insulin, but also are treated with an alternative to insulin which encourages the pancreas to produce a little extra insulin, but when it comes that no more insulin is available then the diabetic (type II) gets insulin.

    You have been going on as if Eden is the only one on this planet which diabetes, its about time you just get on with it ad not making a big thing about what at age 11 should be doing all by herself, I know 6 year olds who does their own testing, they do their own injection and then go and play, they know the signs of a hypo, they know how much to eat and get help when they need to. So how about giving Eden a little slack and let her try her own wings.

    I am not getting at you per sa but we all have to be aware of the risks, I know type 1 teenage diabetic girls who don’t take their insulin because they wish to loose weight, but have gone blind instead, I have also known physically fit type II have stubbed their toes and lost their leg 6 weeks later. Diabetes is diabetes and soon as you get that idea then you will get your readers back.

    • I appreciate you reading and commenting..

      I don’t think I have EVER said anything negative about Type 2 Diabetes.. My mother is a Type 2 as was my father-in-law who managed to get off his meds with a change in diet and exercise. The entire purpose of my Blog is to raise awareness about TYPE 1 Diabetes and share OUR LIFE living with the disease. As it is about OUR LIFE – the Blog is focused on EDEN and my feelings and perspective raising a Type ONE Diabetic child..

      • Its not what you say its how you say it for example;

        “Type 1 Diabetes is NOT caused by eating too much sugar and bad lifestyle choices. Eden did not have a choice to get this disease and cannot change it by altering eating habits or exercising”

        Many people don’t have a choice to get type II as if you read the link I gave you, I am sick of people who think type II is from a life style choice, I didn’t have choice either and I cannot change it either.
        If you go through your blog you will find remarks like the one I have highlighted, but you may have noticed them.

        When writing for the public you have to watch how you write and meaning behind it.

      • as I have said many times – public perception needs to change.

        ALL DIABETICS are stereotyped – and the majority of the public believe Diabetes is caused by poor diet and lack of exercise and don’t even know that there are multiple forms of the disease.

        I am choosing to use my voice to raise awareness for TYPE ONE Diabetes.. with that being said – I am NOT criticizing other forms of Diabetes – just clarifying facts related to TYPE ONE

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