Aloha…. Much needed Vacation is finally here !

Aloha all….


I’ve decided that I am going to take a break from Blog writing while we are on our family vacation to Hawaii..


I will post periodic updates on the Eden’s Effort Facebook Page – so if you are interested you can follow us there.


This is a much needed break for the Perry Family – the past year has been nuts and has certainly been filled with plenty of ups and downs. I debated with myself for a while about continuing with the T1D – thing – but I think disconnecting is more important this time around.


I am SO READY for some rest and relaxation on the beautiful beaches and poolside – too bad Type 1 Diabetes never takes a vacation and will be joining us too ?! No doubt T1D will continue to keep us on our toes..


D-dad and I will certainly have our hands full and are prepared for GIRL OVERLOAD and lots of laughs, fun and craziness as we take Ally’s 2 best friends with us on our adventure..


4 teen / pre-teen girls will certainly equal LOTS of memories for all of us..


so – signing off until our return..

Watch out Hawaii – here we come! 🙂





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