REWIND – Step back in time ..


Surprisingly our family vacation to Hawaii was not filled with too many unexpected D moments.. I think being a mother and especially a D-mom I like to be prepared for anything and everything!

Heading through airport security on departure day was a breeze – T1D does have one benefit – the ability to carry LIFE SAVING liquids through the security checkpoint. Doesn’t mean we don’t get stopped and scrutinized, something I am now used to but still makes me anxious, but we do have a free pass with water and juice..

Sacramento was easy – Hawaii security on the return trip I needed a full pat down as the girls all watched and giggled from the other side – why the TSA handled the same situation differently I have no idea, but practically the same thing happened last time we travelled to Hawaii – thankfully this time they were friendly about it and not argumentative. This trip I came prepared with print outs from the TSA website with my rights in writing just in case – the TSA wanted to confiscate my ice packs to keep the insulin cold on our previous trip?!?! needless to say – I would not let that happen again.. it is stressful enough!!



While away – Type 1 Diabetes didn’t stop Eden from doing anything ..


… well except for snacking endlessly on the airplane and throughout the day like her sister and her 2 friends. REMEMBER – Type 1 Diabetics NEED INSULIN every time they eat anything.. Even more imperative now that Eden is not on her insulin pump – every meal or snack requires us to stop what we are doing, calculate the carbs, draw out / measure the insulin dose and inject it.. I think even her sister forgot that detail this trip as she mindlessly ate in front of her sister.. Eden’s meals required a bit more thinking and planning – if she wanted a cookie after she already dosed for her dinner, that means ANOTHER injection. She was able to have some “free” snacks when her blood sugar was low to counteract the effect of exercise, but not as often as we would have thought..


We did our best to be sure Eden didn’t miss out on any treats – we were on vacation and vacation means special things ..


Over the course of 8 days the kids had treats of shave ice, ice cream, Starbucks, key lime colada and donuts.. We DO NOT usually eat these types of things on a regular basis and I certainly did not want Eden missing out or to FEEL like she was missing out due to T1D..

In most cases Diabetes made us pay for it later. One example – guessing the carbs on a key lime colada and injecting insulin, shortly afterwards guessing carbs, injecting insulin and eating dinner and THEN going swimming unexpectedly right afterwards didn’t work out too great and resulted in a VERY LOW blood sugar reading..

didn’t like it – didn’t like it one little bit.

BUT doing these things made Eden feel happy and free and I took the responsibility on my shoulders to ensure she got as much of a break as she could.. Even though at times it made me totally cringe as I knew D-dad or I would be up the majority of the night.

We had a number of sleepless nights but we got up and did it all again the next day anyway – because that is D-life – and Type 1 Diabetes will NOT stop Eden from living it to the fullest…

Swimming, snorkeling, surfing, boogie boarding, basketball and volleyball in the pool – you name it – she did it. She had a BLAST and seeing her happy and carefree and without an insulin pump attached to her hip gave me flashbacks like we were stepping back in time to the days before T1D entered our lives..


Reality check – that feeling only lasted for seconds and I really want it to last a lifetime – especially for Eden..




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