We are Pumping again!


Eden made a quick decision yesterday to go back onto her insulin pump. I had been asking her for DAYS – actually probably a week – if she liked being off her pump and whether she thought she might want to stay off it when we returned from our vacation. It was always met with a downturned lip, a shrug of the shoulders and an “I dunno”..


I found it incredibly frustrating – how could she not know if she preferred the insulin pump and one giant needle and site change every 2 days versus 10 insulin injections per day?!?!


I guess yesterday proved that although she is so mature and grown up in some aspects of her life with the things she needs to think about and deal with on a daily basis – she is still totally a kid whose reasoning is VERY different to mine…


We had been Injecting insulin at the airport, on the airplane, at the beach, by the pool, in the car and at the ice cream shop just to name a few places and they were perfectly fine and normal. Apparently Eden draws the line at injecting insulin at the Sacramento Kings basketball game though- that would be WEIRD ?! really? go figure…


We had just told Eden we were going to the game but D-dad and I had also been keeping a big secret from Eden. Right before our trip we tried to win a signed basketball jersey from Eden’s idol – DeMarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings. If you didn’t already know – Eden is OBSESSED with basketball and loves Boogie Cousins.. if you dare say ANYTHING moderately negative about his actions while we watch him play she will jump to his defense – every single time. Anyway, we entered one of his competitions to win her a jersey and posted it on FB to try to get her more votes. A friend saw that post and contacted me – she had an “in” with the Sacramento Kings and wanted to try to get Eden a jersey.



Obviously I was thrilled – she was going to see what she could do but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Over time it somehow morphed into something even bigger and better. A VIP meet and greet with DeMarcus and tickets to the final game of the season – personal tickets that belonged to Carl Landry also from the Sacramento Kings – that he was going to give to US.. amazing, right?!


Little did we know since we had been away – Eden’s idol managed to get suspended from the game and wouldn’t be there.. upset? I can’t lie – yup. Even though Eden didn’t know the secret we were still upset that not only would DeMarcus not be playing – he wouldn’t even be AT the game 😦


That fact could not dampen our mood and excitement as we arrived at the stadium 2 hours before the game to be escorted through the VIP entrance and court side to watch the pre-game warmups. It was incredible to be practically ON the court with the players and so up close to them. Surreal and amazing – Eden was in absolute HEAVEN – Oh, who am I kidding – we ALL were!



AND – to make up for the fact that DeMarcus wasn’t there – they gave Eden a Kings loot bag and a signed jersey! WOW! She was shocked to say the least, her expression was priceless and one I will not forget in a LONG time.

No meeting DeMarcus – but she did get to meet Ben McLemore and although we didn’t get to sit courtside for the actual game (how incredible would THAT have been) we did get some amazing seats courtesy of Carl Landry. We are forever grateful to his generosity and also to our friend Juli for thinking of Eden and making it happen..


actual game-time seats


Our little family had an AMAZING night – we felt so special and loved. I know many, many people get to experience the VIP treatment often and may get used to the awe of it. I wouldn’t ever want to get used to it – we were all like little kids afterwards – grinning from ear to ear – a night we will all remember forever.


Oh – and THANK YOU for pushing Eden to make her “back to pumping” decision easier and helping us forget T1D existed for a few very wonderful hours!


3 thoughts on “We are Pumping again!

  1. Sounds like an unforgettable and exciting experience. We had a similar night when Mia met her idol, Taylor Swift. Well done XX

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