Flip Flopping…

I just really don’t get Type 1 Diabetes sometimes..

Eden has just spent approximately 3 weeks OFF her insulin pump and was MDI (multiple daily injections)

Before the switch her blood sugar numbers were running HIGH during the night and adjustments to her basal insulin rates were needed. I was very hesitant to make any changes since I knew she would be more active than usual whilst on our vacation and did not want to risk the chance of a night time LOW blood sugar episode.


Whilst away for the most part Eden’s blood sugar numbers were darn near PERFECT during the day. We had a few crazy high readings, but mainly after a completely wild – pull a number out of the air guess – on carbohydrates for dinner or a treat.


One thing we DID notice was that her night time numbers continued to run HIGH and were actually MUCH MORE resistant to insulin than usual.. It was taking multiple injections of insulin during the night to bring her blood sugar levels out of the 300’s but she was STILL waking up high in the mornings – even when giving her MORE than usual insulin and all the added activity. totally weird…

Back to pumping – mind you – only for 2 nights so far and she has FLIP FLOPPED to the complete opposite ?!?!

roller coaster

    • First night back on the pump and Eden woke up yesterday morning with a PERFECT blood sugar – 132 – almost un heard of lately.
    • Her daytime numbers yesterday were high all day – in the mid to high 200’s
    • ONE middle of the night insulin correction brought her into perfect range – 146 – at 2.30am
    • Today she woke up at 183 which is a pretty good morning number for her of late


What the heck?! 


We will wait and see what happens today – look for a pattern of some sort so that we can make changes .. maybe it was a growth spurt that is now over requiring additional insulin during the day instead of night? Why would I expect her to go back to the same pattern from 3 weeks ago .. silly me


I could analyze and make guesses forever – sometimes we will never find an answer.


Patience Heather, patience… 


Patience is a Virtue – Virtue is a Grace – put it all together and have a HAPPY face 🙂

for you – GrandmaRie

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