The Switch Back …

I was so concerned about Eden’s switch FROM insulin pump to injections that it never really crossed my mind that the switch BACK to the pump afterwards would be an issue


Also probably because of the fact we did it on the spur of the moment and I didn’t really have much time to think about it. don’t know whether that is good or bad that I didn’t prepare myself.


I’m usually a “glass half full” kind of person – but today Type 1 Diabetes is making me MAD and I really want it to just take a hike.


Eden’s blood sugar numbers have been running high ever since she switched back to the insulin pump. The 2 mornings of good numbers were most likely a complete fluke.


Today she was in the high 200’s upon waking and is rising.. We changed her site yesterday but it feels like her body is pushing back and not liking the change.


Eden finally had her first basketball game this morning with her new girls team – we have missed a couple of tournaments due to our vacation and conflicts with her boys team. They WON – 53 – 3.. She played very well although I could completely see the high blood sugar haze in her eyes and on her face the entire game. It makes me MAD – it frustrates be SO much that we can do everything right and D still messes with her emotionally and physically. The entire drive home was silence because I knew if I dare open my mouth I would get the full wrath of Eden’s high blood sugar talking..




I HATE when T1D affects MY mood as well as Eden’s.. What should have been a super exciting and fun experience was completely marred by Eden’s high blood sugar grumpiness which in turn has made me grumpy.


2 hour break until we need to be at the courts for her next 2 games – hoping we can somehow wrangle her blood sugar numbers into range before the next game. grrrr – D – STOP messing with my girl !


Time for me to snap out of my mood and turn my frown upside down.. some days that is easier said than done.







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