TRIPLE Whammy…

NOT a good start to the day..


WHAMMY ONE – it is “Endo” Day – Eden has an appointment with her specialist doctor this morning… An appointment I have grown to dread – not because I do not like the doctor – but because it sometimes makes me feel like I am just not doing enough to keep Eden’s blood sugar levels where they should be.


Eden had multiple vials of blood drawn before we left for Hawaii so Eden will not need to put up with anything like that today – but we WILL get the results of those blood draws and that ALWAYS makes me nervous..


WHAMMY TWO – I just woke Eden up for the day. I didn’t stay in her room, just woke her and went into the kitchen to grab a coffee and head back to my bedroom to get ready for the day. Eden sleepily found me and I heard the words I DREAD in the morning…


“Mum, my site came out”  CRAP CRAP CRAP…. We have NO IDEA how long Eden’s body has been without insulin.  Blood sugar test result – 405


Whilst I am getting everything ready to re-insert a new site I have her test for ketones


WHAMMY THREEblood ketone level 1.7 – LARGE …. bigger CRAP @#$%@#@


I try to remain calm so Eden does not freak out – we do her insulin site – give extra insulin and I instruct her to drink water to flush out the ketones.. She says she feels fine – my insides on the other hand are in complete knots.


Type 1 Diabetes totally completely and utterly sucks today – some days are better than others – we have had a pretty good run until the last week or so… T1D is really testing me and totally messing with Eden – guess we did something to piss the Diabetes gods off – because we don’t seem to be getting much of a break.


I feel sick to my stomach – there is nothing worse than knowing that your child is sick and the feeling of complete helplessness that follows. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – insulin do your job quickly and bring Eden’s blood sugar back into range..




As I have a lot of new followers and readers here is a brief rundown / explanation…


Eden’s in range blood sugar levels are between 80 – 180. perfect range meaning we do not need to add or subtract insulin dosage requirements is 120-150. anything outside of this range is not good and is considered HIGH or LOW blood sugar. neither of those are good things but it is extremely hard to stay within range.


Eden NEEDS insulin to survive – actually EVERYONE does but Eden’s body does not produce it so we have to give it to her via insulin pump or injection. Just balancing insulin requirements is extremely difficult in Type 1 Diabetes but there are so many other factors to consider that play into the equation. Eden’s insulin pump provides a steady trickily of insulin (basal) 24 hours a day – since her pump site became disconnected at some point during the night she has been getting NO INSULIN… BAD …


Toxins (ketones) are now building up in her system … REALLY REALLY BAD

and if not controlled quickly Eden could very easily be in the hospital today … no pressure – no pressure at all…




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