The Calm after the Storm…

After yesterdays DOOZIE of a day – things here are starting off much calmer – thank goodness!


Today WILL be a better day!


I was so completely emotionally drained yesterday – the worry really takes its toll on me – even though Eden was fine and pretty much back to her normal self by lunchtime, the damage had already been done and I felt pretty awful the rest of the day with a headache I just could not shake.


Yesterday was the last day of Spring Break for us – back to school, reality and routine today! Routine as well as all of the changes her Endo wanted to put into place will hopefully help with Eden’s blood sugar numbers. YES – routine DOES MATTER …


To start off with we made changes to 3 of her basal rates (constant steady trickle of insulin) during the evening – changes that I knew needed to be made but didn’t want to make them before we went to Hawaii.. The idea of nighttime lows scare me to death thus the reason D-dad and I check Eden’s blood sugar during the night multiple times.. Eden has 5 basal rates for different times of the day – we made changes to 3 – no doubt we will see some changes!

8 weeks

Dr. also wanted to try to reign in blood sugar numbers so gave us a MUCH tighter blood glucose “target”.. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that Eden’s perfect range was between 120-150 where there would be no changes to insulin requirements up or down if she was within this range.. We have now changed that window to 110-120 so she will be receiving more insulin pretty much every time she tests or eats now.. unless she is below 110 of course..


Those are the changes we are making for now.. We have a second tier of changes to make too if we do not see improvements with these within a week.


Unfortunately Eden’s A1C (see explanation here) has gone up to 8.7 .. If you have been reading or following our daily ramblings – you know we are having a HECK of a time getting her “under control” with good average blood glucose levels. Eden’s thyroid function levels are still way too high also so time to up her thyroid medication dosages again too… All other blood/urine test results were good and normal.. 🙂


It’s no wonder Eden’s requirements are so ever changing and incredibly hard to manage – she has grown 1 inch in the 4 months since her last visit ! She is obviously growing and thriving in spite of all of the issues we have been having – THAT I am incredibly thankful for.


Happy thoughts for an uneventful first day back to school and routine… I will have my phone attached to me at all times, just in case..


T1D – as hard as you try to throw us off our game and keep us guessing – we WILL put the crap behind us and thrive despite you.


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