It’s a Wild Ride..

I have said before that I wouldn’t wish Type 1 Diabetes on my worst enemy – not that I have any 😉


T1D is such a wild ride of emotions – it is very difficult having your child live with an incurable disease that affects every single aspect of their life whilst awake and asleep.


I myself do not live with the disease and the physical feelings that Eden feels – but I DO live with the emotional and physical burden that the disease causes. The feelings of worry, helplessness, guilt, exhaustion and frustration that follow me around on a daily basis. The huge task of ensuring that your precious child sees another day healthy and happy by doing everything in your power to try to wrangle a disease that is sometimes impossible to wrangle.


BUT – aside from all the negative aspects Type 1 Diabetes brings to our lives – it also brings OPPORTUNITY.


An opportunity to educate the public – educate ourselves and be thankful for the wonderful life that we DO have.


    • You learn about the incredible strength and resilience of your child
    • You learn who your true friends are – those who duck for cover or run to learn with you
    • You learn how to grasp your inner strength when you are running on empty
    • You learn to survive and function on little sleep
    • You learn that things could be much, much worse and that you are OK.


My Blog is an outlet for me – to share our life – good and bad whilst we are living with this disease. It may not always be pretty – but it is our TRUTH.


We do not want people to look at us differently because they now know our struggles – once hidden behind closed doors. 


We DO NOT want pity – because we can and will live a full and happy life despite this life-changing diagnosis.


We DO WANT understanding – not just for us but for the entire Diabetes community. Understanding that there is NO easy fix for this disease. It is non-stop 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Insulin keeps Eden alive but it is NOT A CURE and she will continue to live this tightrope walk daily until there IS a cure.


Type 1 Diabetes is misunderstood and I want to help the public learn through us from OUR story.

end of story – no ulterior motive – just the brutal honest truth.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Wild Ride..

  1. I just love that you are doing this. This has opened my eyes to the daily struggles and also a testimony of you, Eden and your family’s commitment to doing what you can control…and that’s sharing your story and bringing awareness to people like me. Thank you for all you do! Keep it up and one day there will be a cure! 🙂

    Your situation is similar to ours with our oldest daughter Kaylie, She has hearing loss and there’s SO many perceptions that just aren’t the case. We have struggles every day with her as well and I just can’t say it enough, but I love what you are doing to bring awareness to T1D.

    • yes – everyone could be a lot more understanding – we all have our struggles! I just checked out your website – your pictures are incredible! very very talented lady 🙂

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