Tears for Another T1D ..

I’m upset this morning – not for myself or for our Type 1 Diabetes struggles but for another child. A child I do not know – have never met – but appears to have T1D. A five year old little boy who is on the verge of being very very sick…


I’ve been reading one of my T1D Facebook Groups this morning – a male posted a “serious question” regarding his little brother. EVERYONE in this group either HAS Type 1 Diabetes or a family member with it. He wanted advice about his little 5 year old brother … His mom was worried about some of the symptoms he was displaying so tested his blood sugar. multiple times of day – multiple tests and they ranged between 250 – 290 every single time. She called the doctor to make an appointment and the nurse (after speaking with the doctor) said that he was displaying NO RISK FACTORS for Type 1 Diabetes so she could NOT get a rush appointment..


WTH ?!?!


A 5 year old little boy with blood sugars THAT high is NOT NORMAL. ..


Risk factors ? His older BROTHER is a Type 1 Diabetic and SO IS HIS MOTHER….


I am outraged and incredibly sad that it appears another young 5 year old child is joining this club.


Outraged because this poor mother knew the symptoms to look for – tried to get him an appointment and was turned away. A young child turned away that could be incredibly sick very very quickly.


Needless to say everyone in the group (so far 70+ comments) are ALL URGING him to get his little brother to the ER. He is in a different state and feeling helpless – If I were closer I would try to scoop that little boy up and take him to the ER myself and NOT take no for an answer…


I hope that is what this mother is doing.. I hope more than anything that this little boy is not T1D.. I breaks my heart to hear stories like this – even medical professionals seem unaware about T1D and how serious it is… I’ve heard MANY a horror story about adults in hospitals with doctors and nurses that are completely clueless and withholding insulin among other things..


Today I am crying tears for another child – I don’t even know his name – but I do know that his life is most likely going to change forever. 



One thought on “Tears for Another T1D ..

  1. That just makes me so scared. I hope that mother bypasses the doctor and goes straight to emerg. Today we spoke with our doctor about the what if’s of our other kids showing possible signs of T1D. “You check their blood sugar and if it is anything more than 20mmol’s you head to ER”. But don’t I come to you I asked. “No. You head to ER.” She said.

    Sending hope to that family.

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