I Should have been a Boy Scout… 

Isn’t the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared” ?     I guess I’m a boy scout at heart – always prepared ..




What am I preparing for today? Eden’s next school year …


It is almost Summer Break here in CA – the end of another school year for Eden.


What does that mean?


    • NEW MEDICAL & 504 PLAN


We have a meeting next week with the school counselor at Eden’s new school – she will be starting 6th grade in August. A new school will come with lots of changes and a new set of things to worry about – things I need to be sure we cover in her 504 plan. A plan I will be working on today and will go over and over so that I don’t miss anything important.


Eden will now have a teacher and different classroom for each subject

MULTIPLE teachers to learn about how to care for her and a stash of sugar in each room


Eden will now have a proper PE class – one where actual intense physical activity will take place on a daily basis.

MUCH HIGHER likelihood of Eden having a low blood sugar episode whilst at school


New routines, lunch schedule and start/finish times 


New opportunities for after school activities – athletic programs, clubs, dances and special events


New school and office staff to get to know Eden and myself


New rules about when and where she can test her blood sugar


the list goes on…



The fact is – I need to think ahead and plan for all of these things NOW. We need to have a plan in place BEFORE she steps foot on the campus as a student in August.


Eden’s health, her life, her education and rights as well as my sanity depend on it.



One thought on “I Should have been a Boy Scout… 

  1. I was PERTRIFIED when Kaylie started at Cooley and I have to say it’s been one of the BEST experiences for both her and our family. The teaches are top notch and very familiar with Kaylie and her needs. During her IEP I had 2 additional teachers that aren’t Kaylie’s (7th grade actually) and a VP in the room and every one of them knew who Kaylie was, who she hung out with at school and what her IEP needs were. Just rest assured that many of my worries were for not and I hope you have the same experience!

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