Type 1 –  MAKES you strong …

site changes


I found this image on Pinterest… it didn’t link to anything so I have no idea who this child is – but he fights the same battle Eden does..


Our Type 1 Diabetes kids are amazing – so tough – so resilient – because they HAVE to be.


Eden is for sure my hero – the number of finger pricks she endures on a daily basis to check her blood sugar levels are bad enough – but in reality – that is just the beginning…


Those finger pricks, drops of blood and scarred finger tips are currently the ONLY way we can know exactly how to give Eden the dosage of insulin she needs. She MUST do this up 10-12 times a day – NO DAYS OFF.


Then there are the long needles from her site changes every 2 days – finger pricks from testing for ketones when her blood sugar is too high – needles for blood draws every 3 months and the occasional injection of insulin if we cannot get her blood sugar down with what presumably is a bad pump site.


Eden has endured enough needles in her 4 year diagnosis than ANYONE should ever have to endure..


I can’t wait for the day when we do not have an overflowing sharps container and I don’t have to watch my child draw her own blood multiple times a day just to stay alive.


Type 1 Diabetes – MAKES people strong – and AWESOME 🙂


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