Which Type ?? 

EVERY time I hear the word “diabetes” my ears prick up. I hear it often on the news, on tv commercials, in movies, on the radio and in conversation when out in public and see it in magazines. Unfortunately almost every time I DO hear or see it they are referring to Type 2 Diabetes and NOT Type 1

which type


Just the other night I heard it whilst in line to sign Eden up for a basketball camp. Not that I was eavesdropping or anything – but as soon as I heard the “D” word I starting trying to listen more intently.. 🙂


I just HAD to approach the woman and her son afterwards – I was compelled to for some reason – I thought maybe her son was also T1D and it sounded like they were talking about a basketball related diabetes camp..


Eden of course was embarrassed, but shy old me approached the woman and apologized for overhearing her conversation. She didn’t mind and told me she was in fact talking about a fundraiser she and her family had attended for JDRF and not a camp – GREAT – but not the camp I thought I was going to learn about 😦


Her son was not T1D – I mentioned that Eden was thus my interest in her conversation.


You would think after attending a fundraiser for Type 1 Diabetes she would be just a LITTLE bit educated about it.  NOPE – I’m afraid not..


After mentioning that Eden was T1D – she looked her up and down – looked me square in the eye and said

“WOW – But she LOOKS good.” 






Was she insinuating that she was supposed to be overweight? Because the majority of the public believe that “diabetes” is a fat disease.

Was she supposed to look SICK?

I don’t really know what she was thinking, but really?

How was that comment supposed to make me feel?

Make EDEN – a child who was standing right there – feel?

Why are people so insensitive?


Needless to say – it made me MAD – made me even more determined to continue writing and educating. I missed another opportunity to educate because I had steam coming out of my ears and Eden was already embarrassed enough.


Type 1 Diabetes is an INVISIBLE – chronic – lifelong – incurable – auto immune disease. To look at Eden you would NEVER know that she battles it all day every day.


TV Diabetes

Its about time that the media made a differentiation about which TYPE of Diabetes is being referred to.  It does NOT help our cause – only causes more confusion and thus the hurtful comments we hear all too often will continue.



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