D-dad to the Rescue ..

It has been a week since Eden’s doctors appointment and making adjustments to her insulin pump settings..


For the most part the changes have worked so we won’t be moving on to Phase 2 just yet..


We will definitely need to do some tweaking to her nighttime rates on basketball nights – but honestly – we don’t get the same result every time so it is difficult to know exactly WHAT to do..


D-dad is most likely sleep-working today – it was his turn to do the night time testing last night and he didn’t get much sleep.


Nothing out of the ordinary at basketball practice last night except for the fact they did a LOT of pushups.. I guess pushups cause Eden’s blood sugar to crash ? who knew? It’s not like she hasn’t done them before – but they did do a LOT of pushups…


7.40pm – 142 – awesome blood sugar after practice


9 pm – 215 – elevated blood sugar – half the usual correction of insulin given. If adrenaline raises her blood sugar it is not usually after exercise, but during.


1 am – 72 – TOO low – fruit pieces – change her basal rates to 70% – meaning Eden is getting 30% less insulin than usual


1.40am – 65 – yikes – she DROPPED even with sugar and less insulin. D-dad woke Eden and made her drink an entire juice


2.20am – 112 – phew… heading in the right direction


5.40am – 127


7 am – 139


Another prime example of the challenges we deal with on a DAILY basis with Type 1 Diabetes..

24 7


As parents, how could we NOT go without sleep and check Eden multiple times during the night when this sort of thing happens…


If D-dad did NOT check Eden and give her sugar – the results could have been disastrous.. 


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