Sleep Glorious Sleep ..


sleep pattern


Sleep is most often fleeting in this house..


I think our bodies have become accustomed to not getting a full night sleep every night – but it doesn’t mean we don’t NEED it.


For a LONG time I pretty much did all of the night time checks for Eden myself. It wasn’t until I started to lose the plot (see here) that D-dad stepped in and joined me. He has Mon-Wed-Friday nights and I have the remainder.


When D-dad started to help out I would still awaken EVERY time his alarm went off and lie in wait for Eden’s blood sugar report. Recently I have noticed that I sometimes don’t even WAKE UP when his multiple alarms go off. Last night – that is exactly what happened.. I slept through them – ALL of them.


Surely that has to be a GOOD thing, right?


enough sleep

I have to say I feel pretty darn good today… My body is obviously catching up on the needed Zzzz’s that are lacking other nights of the week.

But what happens if/when I start sleeping through MY ALARMS ?!?!


We are nowhere near being able to stop doing night time blood sugar checks – too many changes to Eden’s insulin regime – too many nights of exercise and risk of lows – too many what-if’s that we could never ever live with if something happened.


This weekend I will be flying solo – tomorrow D-dad is headed to Texas to do his 2nd Tough Mudder (YAY D-dad!) and I am headed to Reno with Eden for a basketball tournament.


I hope I don’t wake the entire hotel – because I think I will be setting back up alarms for my back up alarms this weekend!





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