Heat and Insulin ..

I LOVE Summer… I love sunshine, heat, flip flops, tanks tops, the beach/pool and feeling free from our usual hectic schedule.

BUT – Summer and especially the heat that Summer imposes causes Eden’s insulin to deteriorate quickly.


When unopened, insulin vials needs to be kept refrigerated. Once the vial is opened it ONLY lasts 28 days and can supposedly be kept at room temperature. We continue to keep our insulin supply in the refrigerator when opened to help prolong it’s life.


The problem is – we cannot control the temperature of the insulin that is stored in Eden’s insulin pump – the insulin that is keeping her alive 24 hours a day. If it gets overheated it is not as effective or completely spoils meaning high blood sugar numbers quickly.


As we change Eden’s insulin pump site and insulin reservoir (storage) in the pump every 2 days it means that there is a smaller quantity to become spoiled – but also means it is quicker to overheat – especially within the thin tubing transporting it from the pump to the canula under her skin.


Eden is totally carefree and doesn’t care that her pump tubing is hanging out of her pocket – flapping in the breeze – asking to get caught on door handles ripping out her site and baking in the sun. I am incredibly happy the she does NOT care or feel the need to hide away her insulin pump or tubing but at the same time would love it to be protected from the elements.


Eden’s insulin pump is a medical device with a very important job to do – keep her alive.. It is also a part of her body – operating as her pancreas – only on the outside of her body. Unfortunately Eden doesn’t give it the respect it deserves, hopefully that will come in time.


Summer isn’t quite here yet – but this week has been very warm and has made me pause and remember the additional things we need to be aware of as the temperature heats up.

summer 3


Summer is insulins enemy..

bad insulin = a bad day


Summer is her pump sites enemy…

sweat and swimming make it incredibly difficult for them to stay attached to her body


Summer can be a challenge dealing with Type 1 Diabetes – extra exercise – change in routine – change in meals and meal times – heat.

But I’m ready – bring it ON! 🙂


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