Road trip!

Heading on a road trip!


Eden and I are getting ready to head out of town for her basketball tournament… Not that Reno is really that far away but we will be gone overnight… Plus I am flying solo – D-dad is in Texas and Ally is happily staying with one of her besties (thank you ! )


I am excited but nervous at the same time – I HATE driving to places when I don’t know exactly where I am going.. especially in a strange city. GPS has not been friendly to me lately – so I have a printed map and instructions and looked at that map numerous times.. If we didn’t have a time deadline it wouldn’t be as big a deal – but I don’t need the added stress of running late for a game!


We can’t check in to our hotel until after our first 2 games – what does that mean?


I have to carry ALL of Eden’s medical supplies with me – cart them all around the convention center with me for hours on end… We of course usually have Eden’s kit (see here) that goes with us everywhere, but being gone overnight and playing multiple games per day I need to have EXTRA of everything..


I can’t risk leaving anything in the car – we will be traveling with insulin which we don’t usually carry daily as it is in her insulin pump – being gone overnight I need to have it JUST IN CASE … plus multiple juices, snacks and low treatments – extra glucagon (see here) and pump supplies…


Besides the excess heat from anything being left in the car – what if someone saw our bags and broke in to the car? we would be royally screwed…. not worth the risk – so my back and shoulder will suffer..


I have everything possible crossed for a D friendly weekend – flying solo will be a fun time for Eden and I but I will also have to also carry the burden of being solely responsible in an unfamiliar place with NO back up or support…



D god



please – please – please – D – please don’t choose this weekend to be more of a pain in the butt than usual!



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