Home Again Home Again

Phew…. back home and happy to be here!


It’s always nice to get away – but home is ALWAYS a relief..


Reno was a success all around – no tournament championship for Eden’s basketball team but some competitive games and a wonderful learning experience!


I sometimes feel more exhausted after the games than Eden – it’s hard work cheering from the sidelines! 🙂


Diabetes was very kind to us this weekend and Eden’s blood sugar numbers were actually phenomenal …

going to talk to those Diabetes gods more often!


Exercise is always a BIG challenge – you just never know if she is going to go LOW or run HIGH from the adrenaline and then crash in the middle of the night.. She stayed pretty darn stable the entire time – day AND night!


THAT my friends is quite the accomplishment!


Had some great team bonding at the Midway (overpriced carnival games to collect junk toys) and dinner as a team at a buffet…


Buffets are HARD – trying to give her complete freedom to be a kid and also guess the carbohydrate counts on numerous types of food that get piled on a plate..    Even tougher – having the kids on a separate table than the adults and me trying not hover over her plate whilst she went to fill it up…


Eden did a great job – quickly swinging by my table so I could have a glance and we could confer on how many carbs she had loaded on her plate. Of course she doesn’t want to stand out and be different and I’m sure it looks strange because it appears like she is getting “approval” on what she can eat from her mom. We tried to do it as quickly as possible so she wouldn’t stand out…


First plateful, apparently the mac & cheese was DISGUSTING.. Eden had already dosed insulin for it but decided not to eat it.. Smart girl – went to find something else with comparable carbs to eat instead – ALL ON HER OWN.. 


Dessert time and Eden was in HEAVEN – we don’t eat much dessert at our house – never have – even before Type 1 Diabetes entered our lives.. Remember – Eden can eat ANYTHING as long as she covers the carbohydrates in the food with enough insulin. Eden piled her plate with a HUGE chocolate muffin, cookie and bowl of ice cream ?!?! yikes…. enough to make me completely cringe..


Halfway through her ice cream the team decided to take off and head back to the Midway carnival games.. Eden HAD to sit there and finish her ice cream while all the kids were egging her on to come with them.. I’m sure it sounded strange to the other parents at my table when I said – “She NEEDS to finish it ! ”


Again – she had dosed her insulin – if she did not finish the food that she gave herself insulin for we could have had big problems… I don’t like problems and thankfully Eden knew well enough that she needed to eat it.. I’m actually looking forward to the day when her friends can learn and understand about the disease too.. peer pressure can be difficult and I’m SURE if I wasn’t there giving her the “look” she would have taken off with the rest of the kids. If just one of the kids knew WHY she needed to eat it and that she wasn’t just being a greedy guts it would help a LOT.

Thankfully we had to deal with only ONE really low blood sugar and that was in the car after the final game on the drive home… the exercise finally caught up with her – thankfully it happened after the game was over and with all of our supplies within arms reach!


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