Comic Relief plus a HUGE Relief..

It’s probably not funny to laugh at my daughters expense, but it really was a circus around here yesterday afternoon.


Eden’s sister Ally had her 2 best friends over after school – she was moody and complaining about being really tired. For MONTHS I have been trying to convince Ally to test her blood sugar but it was ALWAYS met with resistance.


Every time she drinks a lot, goes to the bathroom or is hungry I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach – I can’t help it. My mind ALWAYS goes to the fact that “what-if” Ally has Type 1 Diabetes too.. ?


A while back Ally actually made the comment that she would rather die than live with T1D ..

nice, huh?

just what a mother wants to hear


She does NOT do very well with needles of any sort and has had a front row seat to everything that Eden goes through.. Clearly not something Ally wants to deal with..


Yesterday I drew the line –


I basically said that I was going to test her blood sugar and she could either cooperate or I would hold her down or do it while she was sleeping


A 30 minute battle ensued – she agreed to do it but wanted to prick her finger HERSELF and not have me do it.. Totally fine and understandable – we were all laughing, screaming and everything in between as we watched poor Ally go through the entire range of emotions just to give herself a FINGER PRICK


I did my finger – Eden did hers and her friends were here cheering her on for moral support but she was still sending herself into panic attack mode.

She kept yelling – “MOM! I DON’T HAVE DIABETES ! ” and then says – “wait, let me go pee first and then I’ll do it”…

yeah – that helps ease my mind..

we were ALL laughing probably a little more than we should have been but her reaction was SO EXTREME that it really was laughable..


My Ally is known to be a little bit of a drama queen 🙂


Long story short – Ally DID IT – she pricked her finger all by herself – on the lowest setting possible so she didn’t draw any blood.. SO – that meant she needed to do it again, and again, and again. She finally ended up letting me do it for her on the next setting up.


Blood sugar result = 80 ! PERFECT 🙂


As soon as she saw it she screamed – “SEE MOM – EVERYONE PEES! “


Of course we all burst out laughing again – even Ally this time..


What a huge sigh of relief – unfortunately a little comic relief at her expense – but it was so worth it for peace of mind.


Sorry Ally – but THANK YOU.. Your mother can sleep a bit easier tonight knowing that right now you are safe from the clutches of this stupid disease




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