Spread those Wings …

Eden is growing up – and growing up fast.


She heads into 6th grade next year – new school, new challenges and new responsibilities


The meeting at the school last week went well – We met with the school nurse and counsellor. As we are within the same school district the nurse knows Eden and I well and has been with us since diagnosis. She has complete confidence in Eden and her ability to thrive in her new surroundings.


I too have confidence in her – she KNOWS what she needs to do – but that does NOT mean that she will do it.


She knows she needs to wash her hands before testing her blood sugar

She knows she needs to bolus (dose) herself insulin every time she eats 

She knows she needs to correct a high blood sugar immediately after testing

She knows she needs to let me know when her pump is low on insulin


She knows lots of things she NEEDS to be doing but that doesn’t mean she does them… she is still a kid – she forgets and sometimes doesn’t care – she doesn’t yet have respect for Type 1 Diabetes and the severe implications of not doing the right thing.


At our meeting I thought for sure that my SEVEN page 504 plan might have been viewed as excessive but thankfully I got nothing but supportive comments and praise for being a good advocate for Eden. There really was nothing out of the ordinary – one of the items included is the fact that we are planning on letting Eden spread her wings and fly next year.



Eden will be able to “self manage” her Type 1 Diabetes – meaning that she is no longer required to go to the nurses office to test her blood sugar and dose for her meals. It means that she will no longer need to have an adult looking over her shoulder to ensure she is doing what she is supposed to be doing. Of course the option is always open – if she chooses to go to the office she can – but she will now carry all of her supplies with her around campus.


This will be a big step for Eden

– to see if she can do it all on her own..

I KNOW she CAN do it – but she has to WANT to

– there is a big difference…





It is hard as a parent to let go and let your children fall and pick themselves up again. Life lessons for us as parents and for our children to learn from their mistakes and accomplishments and move on.


Problem is – making mistakes and falling as a Type 1 Diabetic can be life threatening… scary thought for D-mom…


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