Learning a new Language..

As Eden’s “diaversary” approaches it makes me think back to the day almost 4 years ago when Eden was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and we were thrust into a world of unknowns..


Even though I took Eden to the ER asking for her to be tested for T1D – I had NO IDEA what that meant or what our life would entail. Even when the blood glucose meter read “HI” – I still had no idea what that meant..


Thankfully I did know the symptoms so Eden was not at death’s door upon diagnosis, but other than that I was completely clueless!


Warning Signs


Whilst Eden was in the hospital we were bombarded with SO MUCH information in those first couple of days I thought my head was going to explode. It was a HUGE learning curve and one we needed to learn FAST to care for our child and keep her alive.






Insulin – long acting and short acting

Sliding Scale


Carbohydrate Counting

Blood Sugar readings






Every single thing we learned about was daunting …


I have to INJECT MY CHILD with insulin ??? EVERY DAY – multiple times a day ?!




What were all these things ?? And WHY were they all SO SCARY ..


We were sent home with a 300 page book on understanding Type 1 Diabetes – mountains of life-sustaining supplies and a broken heart.


We learned a new way of life that day – learned a new language that we now speak every day and it seems second nature. It took a LONG time to get comfortable with caring for Eden but we can never get too comfortable – or complacent.

    • I will never forget the first time I had to draw insulin up out of the vial, measure a tiny dose and inject it into my daughter – my hands had never shaken so much.
    • I will ever forget the nights watching her sleep and sobbing by her bed – scared to death to leave her side
    • I will never forget the times we had to physically hold her down to test her blood sugar, give her a shot or force feed her sugar with her screaming and flailing

I will never forget these moments –

we have learned to live with them and thrive through this diagnosis but those memories will never fade.


Type One kids are amazing – as are their families and adults living with this disease

… It is a TOUGH TOUGH road to travel every day yet we do it because we have no other choice.


The day there is a CURE –

will undoubtedly be the BEST day of my life and I cannot wait for that day…


One thought on “Learning a new Language..

  1. Heather, I continue to marvel at your ability to inform and educate each of us on the day-to-day living with T1D. There is no way of putting a value on the service you are providing. It comes from the heart, based on first hand experience and written in common sense language. Eden is so lucky to have chosen you as her Mom. One added benefit: I think your effort is a bit therapeutic for yourself. Keep it coming kiddo.

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