Lucky Streak…

Short & sweet update for today…


It would seem as though we have hit a lucky streak lately…


Not in the lottery stakes unfortunately, but in the blood sugar numbers game..


NO – it’s isn’t a GAME – just a figure of speech..


It appears that our back to pumping, school & basketball routine has finally set in and is working in our favor 🙂


Eden has seen the BEST blood sugar numbers in a week span for a VERY long time…

blood sugar streak


I probably shouldn’t say that out loud – no doubt I will jinx it..


For a disease that is highly unpredictable – D seems to be happy right now and we have tamed the beast – FOR NOW..


No doubt – tomorrow – next week or even tonight might be a different story.


Today I am going to celebrate and enjoy the peace of mind from a week of in-range numbers – a small win but one I am very happy with!


YAY YAY YAY fingers crossed for more to come…. 🙂


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