Injuries – Big or Small …

While we were on vacation in Hawaii Eden had one night of blood sugar numbers that were crazy high and we struggled to get down during the night.


That afternoon she had been swimming in the pool without her goggles on with her eyes open wide. Her eyes looked terrible and were very irritated and sore. Upon going to bed she was miserable and in pain and her blood sugar began to rise.. The next morning her eyes felt better and her blood sugar levels stabilized.


Coincidence ?? NO WAY …


Stress and injuries cause the body to release stress hormones which in turn raise blood sugar levels. Sometimes blood sugar levels will come down on their own – sometimes a lot of extra insulin is needed to bring levels back into range.. We never really know which one it is going to be.


Today Eden hurt her thumb in her basketball game – doesn’t appear to be a big injury – no tears were shed and she was able to play on – but it is an injury that her body is fighting just the same.. It is slightly bruised and swollen so we would expect that her blood sugar will most likely begin to start to climb …. or not … T1D doesn’t follow a rule book so you just never know what you are going to get..


who knows ??


We will have Eden test her blood sugar a little more often this afternoon to try to stop a climb before it starts… if it is going to start..


T1D likes to always keep us guessing!


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