D in the Media …

So – you should all know by now that the purpose of my Blog is to spread Awareness about Type 1 Diabetes and help to educate..


T1D lives in our house – so you will read about how it affects OUR life and things that we do as a family to wrangle this disease..


Every person affected by this disease is different – every method we use may not be perfect for others.. It’s how we do things but is certainly not medical advice for others…


I am by no means an EXPERT in Type 1 Diabetes… in fact some days I am scratching my head wondering if I really know anything ?! I learn so much everyday by reading, reading and more reading… and of course – by trial and error.


I am certainly NOT AN EXPERT in the other types of “diabetes” ..


There are 3 main types :


Type 2 Diabetes


Type 1 Diabetes


Gestational Diabetes


There are also others… (see here for more information on all types of Diabetes)


LADA (latent auto-immune disease in adults) or Type 1.5 Diabetes

and MODY


The MOST COMMON type of Diabetes is TYPE 2 and is MOST OFTEN found associated with older age, obesity and a lack of physical activity.


Again – I am NO EXPERT in Type 2 Diabetes and know that NOT ALL persons affected by Type 2 diabetes follow the typical stereotype that you hear about and see in the media..


I had a stack of magazines laying around and I thought it would be interesting to flip through a couple of them and see what I could find on “diabetes” ..


This is what I found within 5 minutes and 2 magazines :





hmmm.. interesting – ONLY ONE specifies which TYPE of diabetes they are referring to..


Pretty EASY to see how the public THINKS that eating berries or bananas or okra or cinnamon will help to prevent, control or “cure” Eden’s Type 1 Diabetes.. It is SO FAR from the truth – but unfortunately this is the public perception – one in which the media does NOT do a good job to differentiate.


The next time you see something in the media – please stop and think for a moment about Eden and all the other T1D peeps out there who want their disease understood… If you look – it is EVERYWHERE and creating a lot of confusion and misconceptions – education IS the key… I will continue to do my part to help..


articles were found in the following magazines…  (1) and (2)



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