Dilemma for the Day … What to do – What to do ??

Eden brought home a notice from school last week to attend a Science Camp next year at her new school..




Until I read that it is a FULL WEEK camp … yikes..


Great opportunity, no doubt – but it sends me into – “oh crap – here we go – what do we do now – mode”


Part of Eden’s 504 Plan means that she CANNOT be excluded from school activities due to her Type 1 Diabetes. The school MUST accommodate her needs and have a nurse attend with her.. There is absolutely NO WAY that Eden will want a nurse to care for her 24 / 7 for 5 days – besides – there is SO MUCH that we do for Eden that is specific to her particular needs from years of trial and error. How on earth would the nurse manage that ?? I couldn’t possibly write down all the scenarios..


There are so many factors to consider – the activity – the food – the accommodations – the night time testing – the distance from home.. I think Eden has only been away overnight twice since her diagnosis. One was a sleepover birthday party next door – before her hormones went haywire and things were a lot steadier. The second was a sleepover at another T1D’s house – I felt completely confident with the parents knowledge and she kept in constant contact.

That’s it… in 4 years … not that there have been very many opportunities  – the invitations don’t come – it’s like she has a big red X on her back 😦


Eden might not want a nurse to care for her for the week – but I don’t think that I could handle the stress of her being away for that long either… I would be a complete and total nervous wreck…



Yes, I could Chaperone and attend the week long camp with Eden – but she most likely doesn’t want that either… She is almost 12 – what 12 year old wants her mother hovering around at a school camp with her peers?!?! This probably will sound terrible – but a week long Science Camp with a bunch of kids doesn’t sound very appealing to me either – in fact it sounds like torture 😉


Pretty sure D-dad would rather poke a sharp stick in his eye than go too… plus you have the issue of night testing – Pretty positive an adult male would not be able to enter the girls cabin during the night…


I am so torn – Eden and I discussed it briefly – but as usual she has a blasé attitude about it and shrugs her shoulders… At least she isn’t begging to go – but do I then take the easy way out and not have her go ?? I’m sure that would be doing her a disservice …


UGGHHHH…. Diabetes – why to you have to make decisions so complicated and emotional ?!?! NO doubt there will be follow up posts on this topic!



3 thoughts on “Dilemma for the Day … What to do – What to do ??

  1. My T1D student opted not to go to science camp this year. She talked about it with her family and they all made the decision. Having said that however, science camp is an amazing experience. You could absolutely chaperone and you’d probably have a blast doing it. It really is an incredible week. Or, I’m sure an exception could be made to allow Mike in the cabin–but it really would be easier with you. I’m sure Eden doesn’t necessarily want you there, but the alternative is not going at all….and she’d still need to go to school. Just my two cents.

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