Picking your Battles …

Living with a Type 1 Diabetic in the house can be daunting enough most days – living with a pre-teen, moody and stubborn T1D can be downright aggravating..


We have always chosen to “pick our battles” with our children. Sometimes easier said than done – unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it – we have a nasty stubborn streak in our family… It’s on both sides and goes way back – D-dad and I are both incredibly stubborn and our lovely children got the streak too 😉


She has so much to deal with that I am trying to let the small stuff slide lately and only pick my battles over things that really matter with Eden – like health and safety – but the little things drive me completely crazy and some days I just want to scream!


I know, I know, it’s life with kids…. wet towels on the floor, dishes left next to the sink, clothes on the floor, garbage and wrappers left in my car … blah, blah, blah… get used to it.


I don’t WANT to get used to it … !


    • Some days I wonder if I am truly picking my battles or just giving up??
    • Some days I just don’t have the fight in me..
    • Some days I don’t bug Eden to pick up the crap she has strewn from one end of the house to the other.
    • Some days the house looks like a bomb has hit it because I refuse to pick it all up.
    • Some days I just do it through gritted teeth after she has gone off to school..


Is that a bad thing? I know it probably isn’t a good thing – in reality what am I teaching her ? Beside helping me keep my sanity…

insanity kids


One thing that is usually non-negotiable is me bugging her about her D-care.

She is always going to have me reminding her to test her blood sugar, asking her what her blood sugar numbers are, asking her if she dosed, what she thinks the carbs on her plate are… etc, etc.


I do it because I CARE and because her life depends on it ..

Eden obviously just thinks I am trying to make her life miserable..


Believe it or not I am slowly backing off and letting go in that department too… she needs to know that she is trusted – that she can do it on her own.. I will of course always be there to back her up and remind her when she forgets…


Like right now for instance..

I have already reminded her TWICE to go get her insulin pump from the bathroom and reconnect it after she just showered…


THAT shouldn’t be a battle of wills … but of course the stubborn, rebellious pre-teen attitude streak in Eden means that she is taking her sweet time doing it… or choosing not to do it because I have asked her to.


How many times should I remind her ?

Her blood sugar is now gradually rising because her body has been disconnected and she has NOT been getting insulin for approximately 40 minutes.. I wonder if she will remember to actually go and get it or head to school without it? It has certainly been done before… and of course that means D-Mom to the rescue because she CANNOT go without her pump… It’s not like leaving your homework at home and getting an F …


OMG – this letting go thing is SO HARD…

But she has to learn on her own – I have to let her forget so that maybe she will hopefully remember next time…


Sure enough, she got in the car without her pump… I had to say “Did you forget something?” She looked at me, looked at her backpack, her kit and her lunch bag and said “nope.” …




“Oh! giggle giggle – oops”


Love that girl – but boy oh boy she can drive me CRAZY…  At least today when I dropped her off we were both smiling about it – if I had “battled” her earlier and reminded her over and over she would have been SO MAD at me we probably would have had a completely silent ride to school.

insanity love


Today – I’m not really sure who “won” the battle…

actually in reality I think we both did.

gotta love that 🙂



2 thoughts on “Picking your Battles …

  1. Oh my gosh, you just totally described my life here with my t1d grand. So glad to know its not just me. Or her! 😀

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