In Case of Emergency ….

Living in Australia for many many years I have grown up around the threat of bush fires or wild fires as they call them here in the USA a good portion of my life.


Australia unfortunately always seems to be on fire every Summer and as such when we were living there as a family 4 years ago I had an emergency “fire box” with our important paperwork, passports, and treasured photographs ready to grab in case of an emergency. We lived just 1 house from natural undeveloped bush lands and had several fires close by that left me wanting to be prepared for a worst case scenario.. Those days were PRE- Type 1 Diabetes so the emergency box had no need for any medical supplies..


Moving to California – I did not put together another emergency box – we have “important” things all over the house and quite honestly the things I thought important 4 years ago just aren’t anymore..


The fires currently in San Diego and surrounding areas are terrible and some of the images are absolutely horrifying and scary.. I cannot imagine being evacuated from my home – not knowing if I would have anything to come back to… PLUS the added worry of having enough medical supplies and/or insulin to keep my child alive…


Today – the first thing I would grab would be the insulin out of the fridge.. 


It’s crazy how 4 years can have such a dramatic influence on your thought processes… 4 years ago I thought that our passports and photographs where the most important things to keep safe… Now the first thing that comes to mind is D – and how to keep my child alive and well ..


My first thoughts regarding most things always go to D first..


thirsty? D

hungry? D

going out to dinner? D

tired? D

grumpy? D

the list could go on and on…


Of course D-dad, Ally and our pets are important too – but I know that they can survive with bare minimum if need be.. Eden NEEDS insulin and FOOD available at all times or we could have big problems – quickly..


I know what I’m going to be doing over the next few days – reinstating that emergency box …


My thoughts go out to everyone affected by the fires – life really can change in an instant…



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