Type 1 Diabetes is stupid…

Just wanted to say Type 1 Diabetes is stupid – makes no sense and drives me crazy!


Yesterday we had huge struggles trying to keep Eden’s blood sugar levels UP – she was having stubborn LOWS – with lots of uncovered carbs (not giving insulin for food eaten) but she was still not rising..


Of course these lows started right before basketball game #1 and continued until the end of the 2nd one.  why?  I have absolutely NO IDEA.. She has not been consistently low for a VERY long time..


I don’t like low blood sugars.. they scare me.. especially when T1D is so unpredictable and Eden is on the basketball court.. I have always told her – if you don’t feel right – “sit down – don’t fall down”


No doubt low blood sugars are worse for Eden because she can feel them – but they don’t scare her like they scare me – not much scares Eden.. actually nothing that I know of except for my “death stare look” 😉


I was up every hour or two last night to check her blood sugar and lower her basal rate (steady trickle of insulin 24 hrs a day) so that she would not crash in the middle of the night… one of my worst fears ..


GRAND TOTAL of finger pricks to test blood sugar yesterday = 16


Today – same drill – basketball game except she is running HIGH… probably will struggle to get her blood sugar levels down today ..


grrrr…. just another day living the life with Type 1 Diabetes…


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