Treating the LOW …

We were taught when Eden was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes to treat a LOW blood sugar with the following “Rule of 15”


15grams of fast acting carbohydrates and re-test in 15 minutes to make sure that blood sugar is rising – follow with snack if necessary


In the beginning we stood completely steadfast by this rule.


We were too scared stiff to do anything other than exactly what we were told.


Now – almost 4 years later and we have learned what works and doesn’t work to bring her blood sugar levels up and that 15gms isn’t always necessary depending on precisely how LOW her blood sugar actually is.


Eden gets extremely insistent on food and lots of it when she is truly low – meaning waiting to re-test after 15 minutes can be horrible for her.. Her body NEEDS food/sugar to function and that desire and desperate NEED for food means that it is VERY easy to over treat a low blood sugar by eating TOO MUCH and having a rebounding high blood sugar afterwards…


Using an insulin pump should help eliminate the rebounding high but it doesn’t always work out that way..


We can generally rely on what the pump calculates to dose insulin accordingly – whether high, low or perfect – the insulin pump takes Eden’s current blood sugar number into account and will give her insulin for the difference of whatever is required based on how we have programmed the pump and how many carbs she is consuming.


Yesterday – we did NOT follow her pump and what it was telling us.. We didn’t feel comfortable giving insulin at ALL when her blood sugar level was only 58 – even though she was going to be consuming juice worth 25 and not 15 carbs… Eden still had a LOT of insulin working in her system from her lunch.


USUALLY just 5-10 carbs is enough to bring Eden back into range but the last 2 days that has not seemed to be enough. Giving Eden 25 gm of juice STILL only produced a gradual rise and she required MORE glucose 2 hours later when her blood sugar was LOW again… thank goodness we did NOT give her insulin as her pump suggested the first time … we only knew to be cautious because of experience and how D has been reacting the last few days.


the CRAZY thing is that the first time 25 carbs didn’t do much at all – the 2nd low and only 10 carbs made her blood sugar SKYROCKET into the 300’s ?!?!


SO – we go from battling lows to battling highs – all within a few hours.. 


I had originally thought we had somehow overtreated her LOW – but I am now assuming it is a bad pump site – lunchtime blood sugar = 305



knowledge and experience sometimes mean everything

– and sometimes mean absolutely NOTHING…



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