Rotate Rotate Rotate

We are SUPPOSED to rotate insulin pump sites every time we change it.. By that I mean we are supposed to re-locate her site and rotate to a different part of the body each time we change it.


Rotation sites include stomach area, buttocks / hip area, outer thigh and arm..


Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest


Each area of the body produces different results – i.e.: the absorption of insulin is different depending upon which area of the body we use.


We are currently at the point in time where Eden REFUSES to have her insulin pump site located anywhere other than her stomach area.. Yes, we use different spots on her belly – but the stomach area remains her favorite spot and any suggestion of placing it elsewhere is met with MUCH resistance and a fight.


Her back / hip / love handle area (not that she has love handles) has been another successful location in the past – but we have found that she sweats more on her back whilst playing basketball and so the adhesive doesn’t stick. Given the fact she plays basketball so often – we haven’t had much success lately.


A couple of years ago she allowed us to use her arms – it didn’t last long – she couldn’t stand the tubing going down the inside of her shirt and tickling against her skin. We tried taping the tubing – no way.. We have NEVER used her thigh and I can’t imagine her ever agreeing to it – at least not on my watch.


Her doctor has spoken to her multiple times – examined her belly which is becoming more and more swollen as time passes due to insulin and needles being used in the same area, day after day after day for YEARS.


Image found on

Image found on


Her belly is not only swollen it is scarred… Eden has an olive complexion and every needle scar is a white dot against her tanned skin.. Picture a freckled face – and then picture white freckles all over her belly area. It doesn’t bother her at this point in time – but I KNOW she will become more self conscious about it as time passes.. Not only is using the same part of the body over and over a bad thing for cosmetic reasons – it is also VERY important for Eden’s Type 1 Diabetes management – THAT is why we are supposed to rotate locations…


So we are at a standstill

we have tried MANY things to encourage her to to use other areas of her body – the problem is WE are the ones who are inserting the needle into her skin.

Short of HOLDING her down and jabbing a needle into a place that she doesn’t want it – I’m not sure what else to do.


NOT rotating means we are prone to more bad pump sites – insulin adsorption is compromised – fatty deposits can develop – scar tissue develops over time which means that the area is less painful to use – and thus WHY it becomes a preferred location – even if it is not as effective.

Eden doesn’t care about effectiveness – she cares about comfort..


I think I might need to resort to shock treatment –

The fatty deposits I mentioned above is called Lipohypertrophy  – if you Google it there are some nasty pictures out there…


Guess who is going to see those again tonight..

I don’t want to scare her and she has seen some pictures before – but it might be time to do it again.

We HAVE to get her to start agreeing to rotating locations – it might not work, but I’ve got to try something.




2 thoughts on “Rotate Rotate Rotate

  1. We just started the pump on Bear. He also prefers his belly – and did for injections as well. It’s swollen and bruised and for the life of me I cannot convince him to do the bum. I think I’m going to try to find/make an arm band for the pump (like an iPhone arm band for exercising) so that I can get him to wear it on his arm. We’ll see what works. Update us on whether the scare tactic works – I’m willing to try anything!!

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