Sugar, Sugar, Sugar …..

It’s amazing what comes to mind when I cannot get to sleep at night..


Worries of late about low blood sugars have me doing “play-by-play” scenarios in my mind in case anything were to happen in the middle of the night – or anytime for that matter.


We have all of the things required to treat a severe low blood sugar – gummy fruit pieces – glucose tabs – juice – glucagon and cake gel.


It suddenly dawned on me the other night that the cake gel requires SCISSORS to open it ?!?!

WOW – only almost 4 years later ?!?! what the heck, Heather ….


If at home that would be fine but what if we were out and about ?? Maybe my human strength would set in and I could rip it open with my jaws but I’m not willing to risk that in an emergency situation.


Time to replace the cake gel with an easier to open option of glucose gel and stock up on supplies…. off I head to the store..


sugar pic


Of course anything at the drug store targeted to Diabetics is much more expensive than other “sugar” options..


Glucose Tabs – 10 (4gms of carbs each) = $2.30

Glucose Gel – 1 serving (15gm of carbs) = $1.30


Doesn’t sound like a lot – but when you go through them fast – it adds up and adds up quickly.


Of course CANDY would be a much cheaper and easier option but also MUCH MORE tempting for Eden to have in her kit and around the house.  We do use juice and fruit snacks most often – but even those in the past have given us issues with temptation and thus sneaking..


Also – we are CONSTANTLY on Eden about brushing her teeth – oral hygiene is important for everyone obviously, but with Type 1 Diabetes she is also at risk for dental issues..


Hmm… how often to we feed our child SUGAR in the middle of the night to keep her alive ?? Fruit pieces and juice that coat her teeth without brushing them afterwards …


Sugar is all its forms pretty much rule our thoughts most days – aside from insulin – it is the most important thing we have in the house to keep Eden alive.

Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest

Too much sugar – need insulin

Too much insulin – need sugar


One thought on “Sugar, Sugar, Sugar …..

  1. We generally have orange juice, cake icing, and skittles (hidden or in my purse on the go). We do have glucose tabs and a glucose drink on hand, but I find that those work slowly at times, and when you need something to work fast… well, you need it to work fast. My daughter’s father swears by Mountain Dew himself for really low blood sugars as he has been diabetic since the age of 8. It works the fastest to get his brain working again if he is fuzzy headed, but of course we don’t use that on her. Everyone has their own tools of the trade I suppose, and they change all of the time.

    I will say that I get pretty rude comments about giving my daughter a kid size diet drink for a treat (not often, but man, it’s hard for her brother and sister to be able to have when she cannot), and I get comments from those who know that she is diabetic when she needs a bit of sugar, such as, “is she allowed sugar?” I always respond with, “only if I want to keep her around, as right now without it, we would soon be heading to the hospital.” Commentary from those who don’t know abounds, and those sugary “treats” always stay near my hands in case they are needed.

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