Can She Really do Anything ?

We have always been firm believers that Type 1 Diabetes will NOT put a stop to Eden’s dreams and aspirations.


Eden might have a broken pancreas and need to work hard every day to manage her disease – but it should never be an excuse for NOT doing something.


As she is still young she has no fear and doesn’t feel held back from her diagnosis.. We obviously have some hurdles that others may not have – but we lead a normal life and T1D doesn’t stop us from doing much..

Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest


Type 1 Diabetics really CAN DO anything they put their mind to.. If Eden wants something bad enough, focuses and works hard enough she can make things happen – just like anyone else..


… or can she?


We watch the TV program Survivor in our household – it was the season finale last night.. Eden loves it – she has mentioned numerous times that she would LOVE to go on Survivor when she is older..


Honestly – That is one thing that I think Type 1 Diabetes would put a stop to.


No matter how great she is at outwitting and outplaying her competitors – she would NEVER outlast them. 


Hmmm… maybe they would allow insulin, syringes, blood sugar meters, food and sugar as luxury items 😉


Unless there is a CURE for Type 1 Diabetes before she is old enough to be a competitor on the show – Diabetes will get the win




One thought on “Can She Really do Anything ?

  1. Oh wow….this hit home for me. Ian told me last night that he wanted to be on Survivor and KNEW he could win. And my heart sank, because I realized the reality of it. Hopefully by the time they are older, there WILL be a cure.

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