On the Road Again …..

This afternoon we are headed to Reno again for another basketball tournament.. I am happy to say that the entire family will be together this time! Last trip our family was in 3 different states..


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In years past Memorial Day weekend has been a camping weekend for our family – last year I opted not to go as the weather the previous year was MISERABLY cold (I don’t do cold) and am not particularly fond of camping either – but D-dad and Eden opted to go camping in lieu of the basketball tournament.


Honestly I was a bit of a nervous wreck – they were far away – D-dad was on his own with her D-care and as you know T1D can be VERY unpredictable..


This year I was very happy when Eden decided she would rather play in the basketball tournament than go on the camping trip. The past year has been a BIG basketball year for Eden and it seems that if you are going to play in a tournament THIS is the one to play in.. The entire season talk has revolved around “Reno” and whether or not your team is going, where you are staying, yada yada yada..


The tournament is HUGE and I mean HUGE .. Teams come from all over – there are approximately 1100 teams (yes I did say 1100) this year playing games in 18 locations across Reno for 3 days.. THAT is a LOT of basketball and a LOT of people!!


Eden is SUPER excited – as is the rest of the family – to experience such a big organized event. She will be playing on both of her teams (boys & girls) and thankfully so far the schedules have been friendly with no time conflicts..


But boy is she going to be TIRED – 3 games on both Saturday and Sunday pretty much back to back with just enough time to get from location to location… Monday at least 2 more games to cap it off..


I have list upon list upon list to be sure we don’t forget anything…

D supplies galore and fingers crossed..


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest


It worked last time we went to Reno – so here it goes again…


DIABETES GODS – PLEASE BE KIND so Eden can have a kick-butt tournament and play with the best blood sugar levels possible…

She will need her head in the game –

not in the clouds with high blood sugars..



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