T1D – #like a BOSS

I’ve tried SO hard to keep up with my every.single.day posting but this past weekend I just couldn’t do it?!


We headed to Reno for Eden’s basketball tournament – toted as the World’s Largest AAU Basketball Tournament.. and I wouldn’t doubt it – it was HUGE.


Eden was playing on 2 teams (boys 5th and girls 6th) and we got VERY lucky with the schedules – meaning that there were no game time conflicts and she was able to play all games with both teams making for a busy schedule and not much down time..


EIGHT basketball games in 3 days …

now that’s a LOT of basketball…


3 days of tight schedules =

    • 3 days of eating on the run – with not always the best food choices
    • 3 days of guessing and adjusting carbohydrate counts due to exercise overload
    • 3 days of back to back games and extreme blood sugar and T1D management
    • 3 days of intense competition
    • 3 days of excitement, anxiety and worry for D-mom


For 2 games I was a nervous wreck on the inside

– but cheering on the outside.


Adjusting carb counts for food intake between games was a huge challenge – meaning balancing blood sugar levels and keeping them at a SAFE level for so much exercise was daunting and not easy…


Day 1  – Saturday –  I think we got lucky – 3 games and her levels were great all day


Day 2 – Sunday – 3 more games and much harder as Eden’s body recovered from Day 1 .. Eden usually doesn’t need much sugar to raise her blood sugar but it was taking more and more to keep her at a safe point. During a basketball game, watching your child trip over her feet with a dazed look is a scary scary feeling – even sister was worried for Eden watching from the sidelines of one of her boys games on Sunday.

Day 3 – Monday – 2 more games with one being a championship game for her boys team. That one nearly put me over the edge in the anxiety stakes.. Eden had played her final girls game a few hours earlier – ate afterwards and we reduced her insulin by a LOT..


She tested 10 minutes before the game and her blood sugar was only 69  – 20 carbs and 10 minutes later still only 69 – her blood sugar level didn’t budge AT ALL … yikes…. 


Eden was about to take the court for the most important game of the weekend and she technically shouldn’t have been taking the court at all.. Seconds before running out we made her guzzle a juice and a glucose gel as I sat there with my fingers crossed – scared, anxious and excited all at the same time..


Eden didn’t get much of a break for that game – first 30 second time out and blood sugar check showed she was rising – phew..  It was VERY intense the entire game – and she played I think one of her best games EVER… countless blocks, rebounds, swooshing 4 free throws a 3 pointer and scoring on multiple strong, hard drives to the basket.. She definitely had her game face on and showed those boys how it was done with her team bringing home the WIN – undefeated – Tournament Champions! 🙂 YAY TEAM!!!



I really don’t like living on the edge and having her teetering so close to what an “acceptable” blood sugar range is during a basketball game – but I have to say she certainly plays a good game when she does…


T1D threw down some very tough challenges the past few days – I am thoroughly exhausted from the trip and all of the excitement, non-stop action and stress that Diabetes added to our journey..


In the end it was all worth it – Eden had an amazing basketball weekend – lots of fun hanging out with her teams and came home with a Championship… Not that it should all be about winning – but it certainly helps to cap off the trip !


Eden got a t-shirt after the tournament and wanted #like a BOSS on the back….


no doubt – we all handled T1D #like a BOSS this long weekend and told it where it could go..


To look at Eden as an outsider you would just see a tall, beautiful, athletic girl … You would not see all the extra work done on the sidelines to keep her safe and healthy while she plays her game…


So proud of Eden and the hard work she puts in on and off the basketball court…

I have NO DOUBT that she is going to be a basketball superstar one day..


take THAT Diabetes… no stopping this girl…


8 thoughts on “T1D – #like a BOSS

  1. Oh that makes me so excited. So glad she was able to play and do her thing. My T1 is a competitive gymnast and watching her wobble on the beam and not know if its just nerves or her blood sugar is frustrating. Great job Eden and mom!

  2. Such a baller Eden can’t be stopped if she gets her touches, great weekend on the
    court and off, so proud of how tough a kid you are and so darn brave. Heather you are
    to be held in held in high esteem your work is never done, Mike I’m sure you and Ally
    are right there too! Sounds like a wonderful weekend for a wonderful family!!
    Reggie and you hoop buddy Jordan Lee

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