DIET soda and T1D …

I love learning new things about Type 1 Diabetes …


Did you know you could use a test strip and blood sugar meter to verify that you are drinking DIET soda versus regular soda??


Neither did I until the other day…. not that I have tried the experiment yet, but I learned it from a group of T1D adults living with the disease for a long time – so I take it as good, honest advice.


Why would this even be necessary???


Let me explain… 


DIET soda does NOT have carbs or require insulin


Regular soda is LOADED with carbs and drinking without insulin could become a huge problem VERY quickly for a Type 1 Diabetic


Unfortunately mistakes happen – servers, restaurant and fast food workers make errors and give REGULAR soda instead of DIET soda – and that “little” mistake can have severe consequences for a Type 1 Diabetic. We used to make Eden let us taste soda before she put it to her lips to double check – but she doesn’t like us to do that anymore.. She’s a big girl and says she would know the difference…


Image found on Photobucket


Before T1D entered our lives Eden RARELY drank soda – and I really mean RARELY..


It is NOT something that we ever kept around the house and was consumed on special occasions only. Now Eden is a Type 1 Diabetic she consumes more soda than prior to diagnosis. Still NOT a lot – but we do have it in the house now. (DIET varieties of course)


Upon diagnosis and whilst we were staying in the hospital the meals brought to Eden all included DIET soda – at the time I thought it to be rather strange – but now I get it… options / variety and trying to let a kid be a kid and feel normal when their life seemed to be falling apart at the seams.


Most things have carbohydrates in it and require insulin – including DRINKS …


If Eden has anything other than WATER to drink she needs insulin


milk – carbs

juice – carbs

diet soda – nope

water – nope


We have ALWAYS been a water household – water was on the dinner table in lieu of milk even when they were younger and still is.


After diagnosis I started buying diet soda – just to have around as an option for Eden without needing insulin. I really don’t like the artificial sweeteners and chemicals that are used but I figure for the limited amount she drinks them we are good.. there are a lot worse things she could be putting in her body besides a diet soda here and there. I’m sure if you look up diet soda you will find a 101 reasons not to consume it – but oh, well… everything in moderation..


Next time we are out and about and near regular and diet soda at the same time I am going to try the little experiment I learned about.. 


Has anyone else tried it or have any great Type 1 Diabetes

life hacks to share ???




2 thoughts on “DIET soda and T1D …

  1. That’s an awesome trick! Though I love to look at my mete BG averages all the time to see how I am doing and I wonder what kind of numbers a sugary soft drink would return. It would probably explode 😉

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