It’s Fine ….

I’m sure most men know that if a woman says the word “fine” – things are NOT fine..


Well – if you don’t know that – you should 😉


Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest


Seems as though Eden is maturing fast.. She is starting to use some of these terms already ?!

Last week I posted about my dilemma with Eden attending Science Camp with her new school next year – If you did not read it – see here


We have brought the subject up at home NUMEROUS times trying to encourage Eden and gauge whether she really wants to go.. Of course she was advised that I would most likely need to attend with her to make the camp a possibility

– her response ..


“I won’t go – It’s FINE ..”


My response –


“NO – Eden – if Type 1 Diabetes was out of the equation – would you want to go? We can make it work – if you want to go just say the word and we will make it happen.”


Eden’s response –




It clearly is NOT FINE – I’m almost positive that she probably wants to go but with her stubborn nature she will never admit it.


It makes me so mad and sad at the same time that Eden can’t just be excited about the prospect of a week long camp with her school friends.. T1D has to come into the equation and put a damper on things…


This Summer our schedule is already pretty much full with basketball camps – next year – I’m definitely going to try to sign Eden up for Diabetes Camp.. Sure wish there was a local Basketball Diabetes Camp! I believe there is one in Oregon – guess I’d better start researching and saving my pennies..

She so deserves it.



2 thoughts on “It’s Fine ….

  1. Eden probably doesn’t know enough about the camp right now. Once she hits 6th grade and EVERYONE is talking about it and excited she will also be excited. Perhaps it should just be something that is expected. I remember when I went to 6th grade camp. It was so much fun. She should have those memories. She’ll forget all about mom hanging out in the background. Lots of moms go and chaperone. That part won’t even seem out of the ordinary.

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