Food Glorious Food…

Eden is growing – constantly…


I think she over took my shoe size 2 years ago and is wearing a ladies size 10 which is too small .. (nothing like getting hand me down shoes from your 10 year old daughter)


Like a puppy dog who is growing into her feet – I think she still has a long way to go! Thankfully she is out of the gangly awkward stage – although sometimes when we see her run she looks somewhat like a baby giraffe with her neck thrusted forward .. 😉


growing of course means a lot of eating…

eating of course means a lot of insulin and counting carbs

I know all teenagers / pre-teens eat constantly.. the problem with constant eating is that is is VERY DIFFICULT to get an accurate blood sugar reading when Eden snacks constantly!!!

Image found on

Image found on


Eden should technically wait at least 2 hours between each meal and blood sugar check to get an accurate reading.. Insulin stays active and working for 2 hours in Eden’s body after she takes it. It also generally takes 2 hours for food to digest (depending on fat content) and not see it spike blood sugar levels.


So if she ate breakfast at 8am, had a snack at 9am, then again at 10am because he was still hungry and then wanted lunch at 11.30 – she would NOT get an accurate blood sugar reading, would still have active insulin in her body and is at risk for a low blood sugar by “stacking” insulin – meaning giving insulin dose on top of insulin on top of insulin – without knowing a true blood sugar level since 8am.


We TRY very hard to eliminate Eden from grazing and constant snacking – but she does it anyway.. After school is the biggest culprit. I always ask her to gather together everything she wants to eat but it is rarely enough and more often than not she is headed to grab something else.. This means that her before dinner blood sugar check is often out of whack because it hasn’t been 2 hours between eating..



Eden also LOVES FOOD and gets extremely distracted and excited by eating – meaning she VERY OFTEN eats a few bites BEFORE testing her blood sugar – or eats half of her food before some gentle reminding from me to DOSE herself her insulin… (not always so gentle unfortunately)


Problem is – her blood sugar is gradually rising every minute she is eating without insulin.


this drives me CRAZY – Eden is becoming much more self-sufficient and she cannot stand me reminding her. I know I sound like a broken record and a nagging mother, but I’ve only got her best interests in mind..


I sure wish she was able to comprehend and respect the fact that every single good T1D habit I am trying to instill in her will enable her to live a long, happy and healthy life. I guess in time maybe – for now I will just be the annoying, nagging D-mom.




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