summer 3


I have to say I am very excited that Summer Break is around the corner!


Hard to believe only 3 days left of school – where has this year gone?!


What am I looking forward to the most and dreading at the same time?


SLEEPING IN and no routine … 


Those sleepless T1D nights will now have a bonus side as I can catch up on some sleep with not needing to get up to an alarm in the morning.. believe me – just ONE extra hour of sleep will make a difference…


This freedom is also going to be a big pain in the backside…


What does Eden love almost as much as food ? .. SLEEP ..


Getting her out of bed on a regular day is hard enough – It usually takes 3 or more attempts to get her out of bed every day – and usually ends up with a grumpy attitude as I am the one prodding her to get up. Eden is NOT a morning person 😉


No school means no NEED for her to get out of bed – at least thats the way she sees it..


For her HEALTH she needs to get up to check her blood sugar and take her thyroid medication.



Testing her blood sugar first thing in the morning is IMPORTANT

She needs to take her medication at least a half an hour before food – that is IMPORTANT


Her insulin settings and carb ratios are based on time of day … not getting out of bed and eating at the usual time is more than likely going to throw our world into chaos for a little while..


fully expecting a crazy out of whack blood sugar roller coaster ride the end of next week – hopefully me getting extra sleep will help me keep my sanity 🙂



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