Sunday Funday ….

Today was a pretty great day!


Family pool party birthday celebration .. Happy Birthday Paba !! (grandpa) ♥


Swimming and Type 1 Diabetes don’t always mix – the thing with today – Eden didn’t even GET to swim for quite a while because her blood sugar was super LOW before even going anywhere near the pool…


The idea was play basketball with cousin and D-dad

– get really hot and then jump in the pool…


Yeah – didn’t really go as planned ….


Played basketball – got really hot – tested really LOW (56) – had to stay hot and sit out of the pool until her blood sugar rose to a safe level…


Juice and 10 minutes later and still only 50 😦

Fruit pieces a bunch of pineapple, watermelon and grapes and 15 minutes later she finally came up to an acceptable range.


By that time – she didn’t feel like getting in the pool.. the moment had passed and she felt like she missed it. Of course – Eden being Eden she didn’t say anything or complain – but I could see it in her face. A mom knows….


That small part of the day was kind of stinky – but the rest of it made up for it..


Tons of yummy food that Eden could eat lots of because she was running low, swimming, laughing, shooting hoops and cake – don’t forget the birthday cake ala Ally 🙂


I see lots of swimming and fun in the sun over the next few months..  just takes a bit more diligence, patience, planning, blood sugar testing and sugar!



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