The Pretzel Roll problem …

It is a well known fact that pizza is VERY difficult for Type 1 Diabetics to correctly dose insulin for without having a blood sugar spike hours later..


We have tried MANY things when Eden eats pizza to try to avoid the high blood sugar spike in the middle of the night.. Sometimes they work – sometimes they don’t.


Pizza seems to be the perfect mix of carbohydrates and fat that delays digestion just enough to throw everything into a tailspin..


I think pizza has met it’s match…




37gms of carbs for this little baby!!!

37 gms of carbs for this little baby!!!


hmm…. who would think a small little pretzel roll would cause so much drama, extra insulin, high blood sugars and little sleep for D-mom??


We even dosed for it as though it were pizza and it STILL took 6 hours – multiple night time finger pokes (blood sugar checks) and additional insulin to get Eden’s blood sugar levels out of the 300’s…


Everyone deserves a treat now and then and we don’t mind dealing with the consequences of a treat with the additional blood sugar checks and insulin – but a pretzel roll ??? really…. ?


and no – it was not just a fluke high blood sugar … I pay close attention and look for patterns and potential problem foods… good thing we don’t get them very often – because  –


pretzel rolls have become a problem…



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