How Much an Innocent Comment can HURT …

It’s the end of the school year..


1 . 5  more days – count ’em … and school is OVER for another year.


End of the school year means fun activities and treats –  these days it seems that most treats revolve around food ?!


Eden’s 5th grade classes were doing root beer floats yesterday – I did find out ahead of time – YAY ! 🙂


I also found out that they would have DIET root beer and that “sugar free” ice cream would be purchased – which in fact was “NO SUGAR ADDED” (not sugar free) and still has carbohydrates..


Remember – it’s the carbohydrates that matter! Carbohydrates consumed NEED insulin !!


I was there to volunteer scooping and pouring for the classes so it wasn’t really a big deal… It was a valiant effort and I would be darned if Eden was going to miss out – sugar or no sugar – carbs or no carbs… I would have my measuring cups with me and be prepared to use them!


Heading to the classroom to set up, one of the moms made a comment about the office mentioning to her that some kids couldn’t have sugar.. I guess she momentarily forgot that Eden was one of those kids .. and she continued by saying it wouldn’t be fair if her kids missed out because others couldn’t have it…


fair statement … I don’t like my kids missing out on things either..


the thing is MY kid ALWAYS seems to be the one that misses out… because she is one of the “special” ones that needs to be catered to..


I honestly don’t fault her comment – but it really hit home and hurtA LOT… My heart was breaking right there on the blacktop and I was trying very hard to hold my composure and find the right words to say.. I know I am extra sensitive and take things to heart that I probably shouldn’t – but it’s hard..

walk away


I understand that people really have no clue what living a life with T1D involves, how much our kids deal with day in and day out and I don’t expect them to.. I didn’t know either until it entered our lives.. It also means we will continue to hear these sorts of comments and THAT is exactly why I am so passionate about spreading awareness and advocating for my daughter.


As we headed inside to set up and waited to scoop and pour I of course tried to use the moment as an educational one for the other moms.. but it is incredibly difficult to cram SO MUCH information into 5 minutes.. I’m pretty sure I failed miserably.


I did tell them about this Blog – I really hope they start reading, learning and understanding.. just even a little bit. 


One thought on “How Much an Innocent Comment can HURT …

  1. A little off topic, but your post made me think about that I just learned at our school kids with peanut allergies have to sit at a table with others that have it too. Oh how I wish one day the kids that brought PB&Js to school would sit at the table instead so they too can understand how it feels and let these kids have a day or normalcy…or at least more than they have now and actually get to sit with their friends and enjoy lunch. I think the more we know as parents, the more we can do to make change.
    Eden’s one lucky girl to have you advocating for her! Keep it up mom!

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