Zzzzzzzzzzzzz……. hooray for no alarm!


It’s officially SUMMER …


Last day of school and it has been a busy one..


Kickball game for Eden..


Annual last day of school event with the 5th graders versus the teachers…




Teachers won – I was actually surprised by how many of the kids (entire school event) were wanting the teachers to win… Of course, I was cheering 5th grade – go Eden! 🙂


School BBQ – food, fun and friends


Pool Party! Ally had 4 of her friends over for a pool party – lots more food, fun and swimming… Eden had a friend over too ..


Swimming really is a challenge –

I think you forget just how much of a challenge until Summer rolls around again..


Multiple LOW blood sugars – insulin pump site came out (brand new this morning) – plus teary with her emotions on edge…


also – a comment in passing – Mum – I can take a PUMP BREAK !..


then later after dinner – We can start TOMORROW !!!


Yeah – the only thing I want to think hard about tomorrow is NO ALARM in the morning and SLEEPING IN !!! AND it’s D-dads night to do the testing after a very active day… 😉


More than happy to discuss a pump break after that … ahhhh….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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