Teaching a Little here – a Little there… 

I have spoken before about the difficulty in letting Eden take responsibility for her Type 1 Diabetes and teaching her little by little..


It really IS a full time job and requires thinking to some extent no matter what you do with your day.


    • Eden is more than capable of pricking her finger and testing her own blood sugars
    • Eden is more than capable of dosing herself insulin using her pump
    • Eden is more than capable of checking packaging, weighing and measuring her food based on serving sizes


She is also getting SO amazingly good at guessing or looking up carbohydrate counts for foods that have no packaging – I always like to err on the conservative guess (unless her blood sugars have been stubbornly high) as I prefer her numbers be on the higher side of normal rather than lower for safety..


Eden is SO good that we have been letting her take the reigns more and more in that department..


Trying to quietly let her take the lead, gain control

and confidence that she can do this.



Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest


When we started with the pump – D-dad and I would add up carbs – guess – confer and then tell Eden what to dose.


As time went on Eden would chime in her opinion – we went with it or slightly adjusted and she would dose.


Last week we played a guessing game where I would give her my carb count guess, D-dad would give his and then Eden would guess hers..  Eden used HER guess and when she tested her blood sugar later it was a PERFECT – 110 … YAY 🙂


I’m thinking my next step now that Summer is here and we will have additional activity most days is to somehow teach her to adjust her carbs and insulin dosages based on that activity ..


Hmmmmm…. that ought to be interesting… since most of the time I am just flying by the seat of my pants. How do I put THAT into words and make it seem easy?



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